PARENTS: How To Automate Twitter To Get Text Updates

Matt Lawson —  November 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Twitter can be your friend and ally in the parenting journey. If you missed yesterday’s post on Two Ways Twitter Can Help You Be a Better Parent, check it out now.

Today’s post will help you receive your student’s tweets via text message. You have two options: (1) sign up for a twitter account and engage twitter as a full-fledged user OR (2) receive a text every time your student tweets without signing up for twitter.

Parenting How To Automate Texts from Twitter


1. Find your student’s twitter name

If you don’t already know it, you can google their name and include the word “twitter.” There may be multiple people with the same name.

2. Text “follow @[their username]” to 40404

You will automatically be subscribed to receive their updates as long as their account is not set to private. If their account is set to private, you will have to follow the instructions below to get a twitter account and follow them.


1. Sign up for Twitter

Go here and follow instructions to get an account. Make sure you enter your cell phone number under MOBILE settings.

2. Follow your student

Click on Discover>Find Friends> and type in your students name. If you can’t find them by typing their name, there are several other ways to find them, including email address and phone number. Once you find them, click the FOLLOW icon.

3. Turn on mobile notifications

Once you click follow, the button should now say FOLLOWING. Beside the FOLLOWING button, click the drop down menu. At the bottom of the menu, click TURN ON MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS.

If you have problems with these instructions, go here for Twitter support on mobile notifications.If these instructions still don’t make sense, go here to watch a video


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