How to Use Flipboard for Personal Growth and Leadership

Matt Lawson —  November 5, 2012 — 2 Comments

Flipboard is an essential part of my personal growth plan. It’s essentially an RSS feed that’s way more flashy and convenient than checking emails for the latest blog posts I’m subscribed to.

I currently only use it for blogs that I follow but you can set it up to follow twitter, Facebook, instagram feeds and more.


It’s meant to read like a magazine, which is helpful if you like pictures with your text (haha, no jokes).

I have three folders set up on my app:

  1. Student Ministry
  2. Leadership
  3. Travel

I have these three set up to funnel my RSS feeds into flipboard. You can read how to set up your folders and set flipboard to do a ton more for you by clicking here.

Here are some of the blogs I follow with Flipboard:
Average Youth Ministry
What Is Orange
Brian Mills
Girls Minister
RE Youth Pastor
Student Ministry
Josh Evans
More Than Dodgeball
Rethinking Youth Ministry
Adam McClane
Millennial Leader
Jonathan Pearson
Rookie Pastor



Matt is the Pastor of Story City Church in Los Angeles, CA. From 2000-2014, Matt served in the trenches of student ministry believing students can love Jesus with all their heart and will change the world. He's served on staffs in small churches, large churches, and in para church youth ministries. Matt is the author of TWISDOM as well as a contributing author to four other books. Matt lives in Burbank, CA with his wife Laura, and kids Deacon (2009), Eden (2010), and Roman (2014). In their free time, they enjoy sports, reading, and travel. Connect with Matt on Twitter or Instagram.

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  • Mike Kell

    Hey Matt, just letting you know, the links didn’t work to the blogs that you subscribed to. The Average Youth Minister link worked but the rest didn’t… I tracked them down but figured you’d want to know. Thanks man!

  • Dan King

    Have you seen the ‘Leadership and Youth Ministry’ Magazine on Flipboard yet?