Here you will find FREE student ministry resources ranging from books, forms, volunteer training, curriculum, and other valuable tools for all things local church ministry. Check out for more resources!

Stumin Sidekick

Click the file you desire and then choose either open or save. Most resources below are Microsoft Word documents and are fully reproducible for your ministry.

Small Group Resources

High School Curriculum Map

High School Small Group Curriculum

Student Small Group Feedback

Teacher Development Self Evaluation

FBCW Background Request Form

Sunday School Visitor Letter

HS Teacher Application

Sunday School Job Descriptions

RECRUITING: Interest in Teaching Letter

RECRUITING: Letter to Parents About Teaching

Large Group Worship

Large Group Evaluation

Epicenter Series Planner

Student Leadership

Student Leader Application

Adult Leader Responsibilities

End of Year Survey

Student Leader Sample Retreat Schedule

Student Leader Team Descriptions


Woodstock Minister in Residence information and application

Minister in Residence Guidebook

High School Intern Job Description

Mission Trip & Evangelism Training

Practical Witnessing Tips

Testimony Training

How To Raise Funds Using Social Media

High School Mission Trip Student Application

Sample Team Covenant

Summer Camp

Adult Leader Manual

Parent Manual 2009

High School Summer Camp Registration Form

Summer Camp Video Promotion Challenge

Camp Scholarship Request

Campus Ministry

Campus Revolution Campus Strategy

Letter to Coaches

Preacher Boys

Temporarily down – will be back up soon


High School Pastor Job Description

Girls Ministry Associate Director

Student Music Pastor Job Description

High School Administrative Assistant Job Description

Hiring Guide Questionnaire

Volunteer Leader/Youth Pastor Training

The following training sessions are available free of charge for use in your ministry. However, the following footnote should be contained in your presentation/handouts – “Content produced by Matt Lawson, all rights reserved.” Content should be credited to Matt Lawson. Content cannot be sold. Without this notation, no part of this training should be reproduced or used.

Recruiting and Training Volunteers Training

Preventing the Exodus Training

How to Keep the Bad Kids Out Training

Veteran Youth Leaders Training

Me, the Leader Training

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  • Nicole Griswold

    I really enjoyed your breakout session at the Lifeway Conference and have been looking at your website resources. Do you have something I could look at or a sample or your adult volunteer/leader handbook?
    Nicole Griswold
    Elm Street Baptist Church
    Murphysboro, IL

  • Matt Lawson

    Hey Nicole, glad you came and I hope it was worth your time. If you email me at I will be happy to email you the handbook.

  • matthewmccraw

    Matt, I also enjoyed your breakout session at LNYWC. Thanks for the resources.

    -Matt McCraw
    FBC Henderson, KY

    • Matt Lawson

      Matt, great to see you again at LNYWC! Blessings. Let’s stay in touch!

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  • Brian Pickerel

    Really excited about implementing the campus ministry. Thanks for the resources!

    • Matt Lawson

      Awesome Brian! Please let us know how things are going! Hope you are well.

      • Brian Pickerel

        Was in your area a few weeks ago and visited FBCW. Sorry I missed you, we where in a hurry back. Maybe I’ll catch up with you next time.

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  • Rebecca Hall-Cary

    Thank you so much for being so generous with your resources. I am a Sunday School teacher for about 20 young adults in Panama City, FL and the Christmas movie series will be perfect this year after a long study of Elijah. Do you know of any such resources for the movies Charlie Brown’s Christmas & The Grinch Stole Christmas?