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Depression TrainingIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, yet so many students deal with difficult issues of depression and hopelessness during this season. While the holidays are enjoyable for many, it’s also a dreaded time for those who are dealing with hurt and pain.

The following video was filmed during a leadership meeting with our student ministry leaders this year. The lead trainers are licensed professional counselors specializing in depression, self injury, and suicide.

Hope you’ll find this resource helpful as you lead and/or parent students during the Christmas season!

If you watch this video, it will help you:

  • Identify the signs and symptons of depression
  • Know the reasons why a student may experience depression
  • See how depression in teens differs from adults
  • Understand how you can know if a student is just going through a difficult time or is experiencing depression
  • Recognize the events that increase the risk of depression in teens
  • Know five things you can do to help a teen dealing with depression
  • Know things you should say and the things you should avoid saying
  • Understand why people self injure (most common form is cutting)
  • Realize the warning signs and progression of self injury
  • Understand how to help those dealing with self injury
  • Understand the warning signs for potential suicide
  • Know the four things you can do to help a teen dealing with suicide

If you would like the powerpoint that accompanies this video, all you have to do is subscribe (it’s free!) to this blog. You’ll be sent a link to download the powerpoint. Click here to watch the training.

If you need the help of a licensed professional counselor, feel free to call Paraclete Counseling Center.

Matt Lawson


EINO Night 1

Matt Lawson —  January 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

Last night we kicked off this series.  Amazing night with 6 students praying to receive Christ and many students asking to be prayed over because they are struggling with depression, hurt, pain or suicide. 


Here are some of the comments from last night:

Jonny Day When followers of Jesus start gettin uncomfortable and people get hurt and broken, that’s when God moves.

 Corrie Elizabeth Biesecker –So beautiful, so beautiful. So beautiful the hand of God.

 Zach Riggs Amazing night tonight. So blessed to have such an awesome youth group!!

 Breanna Gilstrap hopes are rising with the sun; 

Kari Melton Day Loved seeing the crowds of students @ Epicenter & Planet Wdstk worshipping Jesus together & growing in His word tonight!

John Mark Cox Everything is not Ok . The sermon was what i needed most. Isaiah 53.

Here is the schedule from last night. One last word…Drama piece and bumper video were off the chain!! Great job guys!

0:03 6:40 Count Down 3 minute countdown
      Doors open @ end of countdown
0:04 6:43 Walk In Song I’m not alright
0:04 6:47 Giveaway T-Shirt Giveaway
      Give 3 away, the rest name on screen to pick up
      Techno music
0:04 6:51 Texting Survey “Did You Invite a Friend Tonight?”
      “I Know of Someone Struggling With…”
0:16 6:55 Worship You never let go
      Your love never fails
      Hands of the healer
      Everything falls
0:05 7:11 Drama Piece Going Under
0:03 7:16 Texting Survey “Honestly I’m Struggling With Some of…”
0:01 7:19 Bumper Video Everything Is Not Ok Bumper
0:30 7:20 Message Message – Does Anyone Care?
      Texting Survey
0:05 7:50 Invitation Song Everything Falls
      (Arms that hold the universe)
0:01 7:55 Close Matt Lawson 
      Choir This Sunday, NOW

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