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Depression TrainingIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, yet so many students deal with difficult issues of depression and hopelessness during this season. While the holidays are enjoyable for many, it’s also a dreaded time for those who are dealing with hurt and pain.

The following video was filmed during a leadership meeting with our student ministry leaders this year. The lead trainers are licensed professional counselors specializing in depression, self injury, and suicide.

Hope you’ll find this resource helpful as you lead and/or parent students during the Christmas season!

If you watch this video, it will help you:

  • Identify the signs and symptons of depression
  • Know the reasons why a student may experience depression
  • See how depression in teens differs from adults
  • Understand how you can know if a student is just going through a difficult time or is experiencing depression
  • Recognize the events that increase the risk of depression in teens
  • Know five things you can do to help a teen dealing with depression
  • Know things you should say and the things you should avoid saying
  • Understand why people self injure (most common form is cutting)
  • Realize the warning signs and progression of self injury
  • Understand how to help those dealing with self injury
  • Understand the warning signs for potential suicide
  • Know the four things you can do to help a teen dealing with suicide

If you would like the powerpoint that accompanies this video, all you have to do is subscribe (it’s free!) to this blog. You’ll be sent a link to download the powerpoint. Click here to watch the training.

If you need the help of a licensed professional counselor, feel free to call Paraclete Counseling Center.

Matt Lawson


Tonight our Minister in Residence, Jeremy Brummel, will start a two week series titled, “Are You in the Know?”  Jeremy has served with us now for a full year, and it’s going to be tough seeing him leave soon.  He’s mature, has a great understanding of student ministry, and has A+ iniatitive.  His humility and teachable spirit is genuine and essential for an intern! 

He’s been extremely easy to mentor and has modeled that this year to more guys than I can count.  He has helped us start a mentoring program, a new believers study, as well as a “Preacher Boys” class where 8 guys spent 10 weeks studying how to preach.

If I had an open position on our staff, he would be the person I would want to hire. 

We started our 1-2 year mentoring program for future Student Ministry leaders with this purpose: To help raise the next generation of student ministry leaders and place them in significant ministry positions.  We receive calls every month from churches looking for a student pastor and unfortunately we rarely have names and resumes to share.  The next generation of student ministry leaders will learn from someone.  We’ve got a long ways to go in learning ourselves, but we’re not using that as an excuse to pass on what we do know to those that are just behind us. 

Our dream is to one day partner with like-minded seminaries, colleges, and churches in a network of student ministry training and placement.  Time is of the essence and a generation is in the balance.  We have a sense of urgency for this generation and those who lead.

Following our pastor’s model of mentoring, we have established the following four principles for our 1-2 year training internship:

We are committed to your personal growth as a Christian
We are committed to your ministry growth as a Youth Pastor
We are committed to your educational growth as a Learner

We are committed to personal mentoring
We are committed to practical mentoring by experience
We are committed to holistic local church mentoring

We are committed to providing real student ministry ministry experience
We are committed to real “succeed or fail” leadership responsibilities

Future Ministry Planning
We are committed to helping you develop in critical student ministry areas
We are committed to helping you understand training volunteers
We are committed to helping you formulate a strategic educational plan
We are committed to helping you begin to develop core values for your ministry
We are committed to helping you develop a ministry calendar

If you are currently leading a student ministry training internship, what are your essentials?  What’s important to you in passing on leadership to the next generation of Student Pastors?  We would love to hear your suggestions.