#TWISDOM | 25 Insights For #Stumin Leadership


There’s never enough time to think about our leadership capacity and challenges. Think about it…

The reason we love Twitter® is obvious. It fits our pace and intake ability before something else comes up that must be attended to (I’ve been interrupted three times before I even finished this paragraph…make that four).

We thrive on bite-size, practical wisdom.

That’s why I follow leaders on Twitter. More specifically, I follow leaders who have something to say, more than just instagram pics of their morning cup of coffee (I’m guilty too!).

The creative collective known as #stumin, #uthmin, and #youthministry most often draws my attention. (Though if I were honest, most of the time I’m also a sucker for celeb timelines, especially ministry celebs.)

About once a week, I open my Twipple™ app (free one, of course, because I’m also a sucker for cheap), search #stumin tweets, and then send the most interesting to Evernote® in a file of collective and collaborative wisdom.

When I open my Twitter stream, what I typically see is an eclectic band of brothers (and sisters!) with a strong interest in ideas that cause me to think beyond 140 characters to be a better leader, husband, follower, and friend. It’s not always life-changing, but sometimes it does make my day.

This book of TWISDOM extracts a few tweets specifically on leadership in #stumin. After each tweet, there’s an effort to offer a practical conversation on each thought as well as practical application and helps—all in bite-size chunks!

TWISDOM by Matt Lawson available now

If you purchase and read #TWISDOM, it will help you…

  • Understand the critical leadership challenges that are common to all student ministry leaders
  • Create strategies for those challenges
  • Learn how to create a personal growth plan to develop your leadership capacity

because the book will:

  • Provide specific application thoughts for each leadership challenge
  • Suggest additional resources to deal with those leadership challenges
  • Give you specific action steps in an easy to read and brief format

It’s my hope that something will be of benefit to you in your journey as a #stumin leader. I’m grateful for you and your contribution to this generation!

If you’re on Twitter, let’s connect! @MattLawson77!

All material, except for actual tweets, is written entirely by Matt Lawson. TWISDOM sample chapter

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TWISDOM Sample Chapter